Your wedding is the first milestone on the path of your marriage. While devoting a lot of time, energy and resources to organize the event we forget to enjoy ourselves even at our own wedding. I was told to relax by my friends during my ceremony when I was trying to behave more like an event coordinator than the bride. I could barely recollect everything that happened on the day and for this reason I can only ever agree with Karl Lagerfeld “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Pictures are not only a summary of an event or piece of art – they prolong vivid recollection without losing the depth and emotion of the moment. Every time when we look at them it stimulates our memory, compels us to remember and feel the emotions again. It does not let our reminiscence fade. When I have bad days I take out my Wedding Album and look at the pictures to remind myself of why I got married and it always lifts me.

‘Relax and try to enjoy’. It’s easier to say than to do. My husband and his best man were very frustrated with the photographer at our wedding. He was talented, but I wouldn’t call him unintrusive. He was pushing their patience to the limit trying to boss people around rather than working with them. I found these two stressed gentlemen having a discussion with the overbearing photographer due to the affect he was having on our day. I understand the importance of being discreet. I am there to record your memories, not be part of them. I keep in mind that it’s your wedding and you want it your way so I always try to be invisible unless my guidance is necessary for staged or group shoots. Being invisible can provide some of the most passionate and emotional memories of the days events, people are more relaxed when they don’t notice a camera pointing at them.